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PM+ should include full names of drives in Browse Folder Path

I'm using PM+ on Windows 10 with many internal and external drives. Each of my drives has a name associated with it that pops up in the File Explorer and Disk Management so I know which drive is which. I would like those names to show up in PM+ so I know which drive to plug in to edit files. 

In the attached screenshot you can see that I have drives named Vorkuta, 5tb, SSD-1TB, etc., in the "This PC" window on the right but in the Photo Mechanic Plus browse section I only have drive letters visible. Especially for external drives, this is extremely inconvenient since offline media IPTC can't be edited. 

I would also love to have the drive names show up in the bottom bar where it shows the full path to a file when I click on an individual file, so I know which drive to plug in to retrieve a particular file or work on captioning/keywording a set of files. 

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