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Add shutter speed and focal length to searchable fields in Catalog (previously more EXIF data)

As a landscape photographer I need all the exif info possible for filtering and browsing -ISO, shutter speed, aperture, focal length, metering mode, exposure mode, exp comp, white balance, etc  These are all available and I am extremely surprised that they are not available.  Every photo software I have ever used has all the exif displayed and can be filtered on.

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Are you talking about making those available as searchable fields in the catalog or in regular contact sheets? 

Mariah Not sure if my reply went through. Both in searchable fields in the catalog and contact sheets would be the ultimate. If I could only get one I would choose in the catalog as this would also allow a saved filter that could be used for future filter searches and for a larger number of images. Prior to purchasing PM+ I was trialing Photo Supreme which is a nice pics if software with some stability issues. It searches on a large number of exif fields and was very quick to find even my 2 shoots at f32 out of 12,000. They also have avery nice tool for handling duplicate files - that would be very nice in PM+ Thanks in advance for hopefully making all the exif data fields available. Bob

We had to make some tough decisions about database size and which fields to index for the catalog. You can use variables in indexed fields as a workaround so that you can use them to filter results for now. If there's enough demand, we may also index the fields. The balancing act, like I said, is how large the catalog becomes as a result. 


Thanks. I can appreciate your touch decisions.  Using the variables I can create some of my own snapshots, however, two of the most important variables are not listed - shutter speed and focal length.  If just those two variables were available for the custom search I would have everything I absolutely need and rely on.

Thanks for considering


Sure. Let me change the title of this request to make it easier to track. 

I was also very surprised that basic camera data was not searchable. IMO, shutter speed, aperture, ISO & focal length should be the bare minimum. 


I made a tutorial on adding those fields to keywords as a workaround. 

There can be all sorts of reasons to search by, e.g. focal length: clouds for sky replacement will look most natural if the focal length at which they were taken closely matches that of the photo they are to be dropped into.  Similarly, closely matching ISO values make for a more natural blend.  So to match images, they needed to be filtered by these attributes.  Other requirements are easily imaginable for other metadata such as aperture.  I have looked at the code replacement suggestion, but it is frankly not practical to clutter up 700,000 images with additional keywords simply to allow filtering by the criteria I might want (and then avoid the additional task of making sure that these code replacement keywords were not accidentally exported into the output image file).  I therefore strongly support this feature request.


I'm going through to track all the fields you'd like to see indexed, and we'll try to prioritize them. 



Beside the 4 available the crucial fields for me are:



Focal Length

Shutter Speed

White Balance

Important and needed but not crucial for me:

Exposure Mode

Flash Mode

Metering Mode

Focus Mode



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