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Search ISO values in PM Plus

I am looking for the possibility to display the images by ISO values in the catalog module of Photomechanic Plus. Can it be that this was forgotten by the programmers? Among the listed EXIF data, only Lens Used, Model, Serial Number and User are present.
lg Armin

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ISO isn't currently a searchable field.  The more searchable fields, the larger the database, so we had to make a lot of hard choices about what to include. That doesn't mean we always got it right, so with enough user demand we could add more fields. 

That said, a workaround for any non-searchable field is to add it as a variable in a field that is searchable, such as the keywords field. 

For example, adding  ISO {iso} to your keywords. 

I would find this very useful for the following reason:

I use DxO Photolab and their new Deep Prime noise reduction is awesome but now I need to find my high ISO images to re-process them.

Thanks - this is really helping us prioritize what we add to the index. 

Great, thanks

The specific fields that are searchable should be configurable by the end user. This would relieve the burden from you (besides providing us with some sane defaults), and allows us the flexibility as needed.

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We're working on adding more fields and/or user selected configuration of which fields are cataloged.

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