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VueScan RAW(TIF)+JPG support

I use VueScan to scan images from a flatbed scanner (ScanMaker X6EL) and create a raw tiff file which is the actual data from the scanner without white balance etc., which I call file.rvs.tif (rvs=raw vuescan). It also outputs a JPG copy, I call it file.jpg, that I edit and correct and crop. As far as I can tell from the help and the forums, if they have the same base filename, they should be treated as a RAW+JPG pair and treated as a single image in the contact sheet. 


This is not what happens. They continue to display as two separate images. I do have the checkbox checked in prefs, and the menu shows combined RAW+JPEG is checked.


Images shot RAW+JPG in my Nikon D5100 work great. When I scan to DNG format, the two images ARE treated as a single entity. (But DNG gives me heartburn and does not display in Windows preview)


Does PM look at the metadata of the candidate images to determine whether to treat the correctly named pair as a RAW+JPG pair? I know one of the RAW formats listed uses a TIF extension, not .RAW, so does it require specific EXIF data? Can I apply a tag to fool the matcher into pairing the .tif and .jpg files?


If that doesn't work, is there a way to specify ".rvs.tif" as a "RAW" image so it pairs with the similar named files?


In my previous issue, Kirk said there is nothing built in to support this. Dennis in a private message asked for :
1.  If there are different versions of this format (e.g. grayscale vs color, high bit depth) then please send those as well.

2. Can you try making a copy of one of these files and renaming the extension to something like NEF (which is the RAW format for Nikon) or CR2 (for Canon). PM might be able to show these files and then they will combine with the corresponding JPG file with the same base name. 

I recently ran a big job where this would be very helpful, so here we are with the new request. 

The attachment contains the various formats that raw TIFs can appear as. They seem like regular TIF files to me.

The resulting display shows no effect for the basic (JPG + .RVS.TIF) as exists now.

The tested display shows sarah.cr2+jpg with no thumbnail (probably due to an invalid CR2 format) and sarah.nef with no thumbnail. The .RVS.TIF is unpaired as expected.

A way of pairing these files would be very helpful. I could even create a custom filetype (.rvstif) and set up the associations, or a more general solution might be a custom TIFF tag which would trigger the pairing behavior. Thanks.

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Let me check with Kirk and Dennis to get up to speed on where we are. 

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