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Search/filter by image orientation

With PM6 plus extending the use of PM6, it would be useful to be able to filter/search on image orientation, especially vertical as this is likely to be needed for book/magazine covers.

I asked on the forum about this, and Kirk suggested I post this as a suggestion here,



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That's an interesting suggestion! 

Hey, everyone. Be sure to upvote or comment if you'd find this feature useful. 

I would find this very useful. I often want to find either a landscape or a portrait orientated photo based on a specific layout. Having it as an option under the EXIF grouping would be great.

As a work around, {rotation} is a variable that can be used to place the orientation in some filterable field (e.g. as a keyword) and then you can filter by that field containing the desired tag (e.g., keyword is "90 CCW"), but I'd rather not "clutter" the keywords with the rotation info when it seems to already exists elsewhere.

As an alternative to having it as a dedicated field under the EXIF grouping (or elsewhere), would it be possible to use variables in the custom search field within the filter mode? Something like … {rotation} is "90 CCW"

This is an option that I used to use often with Media Pro. I have some Photoshop actions that are specific to one or other orientation. Also when looking for a particular (badly keyworded...) image with a known orientation it's good to be able to reduce the number of images to look through.

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