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SFTP with private key

Users can upload their pictures using SFTP.

When configuring SFTP, one can only choose authentication via password.

As a photographer, I want to choose my private key (RSA) to authenticate against the server.

I'm told that you can already do this.  The SFTP template tries to use the username and password to log in to the server. If that login attempt fails with pkey in the server response, the client will be asked for their private key because the server is configured for key-based authentication.

Unfortunately, this happens intransparent for users.

Haven't managed yet to trick Photo Mechanic to asking for the private key - I wonder where I need to put it for PM to find

All PM provides me is this:

Error: Unable to connect to server. Please check your connection settings.

Password auth with this server is deactivated, so all the ssh daemon accepts is a user/key combination.

It'd be great to be able to choose this option on the settings page for SFTP

The server could be having some other issue.

We're discussing adding the option for people to enter the private key upfront or investigating a way to force the authentication. I don't have a timeline for when we'll implement this yet, but you may want to contact support by phone or email to see if they help you resolve this right now. 

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Add the private key file to your ssh authentication agent key via ssh-add.

Took me a while to figure it out but works perfectly now.

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