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Sequencing, rating and sharing offline

Hi everyone, I think I need your help to figure out a few things about PM.
I work as a studio manager for a big photoreporter and I’ve been using photo mechanic for a few days now. I think it is a great tool for culling and rating, but I still haven’t figure out a few tricks that would make it a real alternative to Media Pro for our workflow.
Let’s say my boss goes to Iraq for 2 weeks. He comes back, I download all his SD cards and rename the files, then I save some medium quality jpegs and send it over to our photo editor. She’s in charge of giving these photo a sequence (for editorials, books etc). This is a HUGE and VERY part of our work (since we make books and exhibitions and we work with newspapers, sequence is primary). She starts putting flags, stars, making new arrangements.. and now comes the tricky part: how can she send it back to the Boss? This “catalog” (as I would call it in Media Pro) needs to be editable too, as the main photographer maybe wants to make some edits to the sequence —> moving images, changing ratings, etc.
Then he sends it back to the editor until they come to a final selection. This selection would be then stored together with the raw, the tiff/psd and basic info about the project and reopened occasionally when working on this in a few months maybe.

Any help on how to keep (or implement?) this workflow on PM? (Sorry for the long msg!) 

No worries. What I'm going to do is convert this into a support ticket, so one of our support team members can get back to you with some workflow guidance. 

It would be very helpful if there were some documentation on how to do this workflow, so that we could all learn from it.

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