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Add legacy icon preference (or just change it)

I love you all. I love the software. I hate the new/current Photo Mechanic® Plus icon that appears in my system tray WITH A FIERY VENGEANCE.

It's a gear. At least seven times an hour (I've actually counted  because science), I start trying to figure out what program or OS settings dialog I've inadvertently left open in the background before realizing "Oh, yeah... That's Photo Mechanic® now."

At the very least, not maintaining the traditional red/green/blue coloration of the aperture blades inside the gear is a questionable branding choice. At worst, it's a UX fail. But this should be a super easy fix  just add a user preference to enable legacy icon support.

Or, even better, the preference could allow us to choose from the original RGB ringy thing (still in use as the website favicon), the neo-classical gear with RGB innards, or the horrible new gear/green robot eyeball mashup that's ruining my life.

What can I say? Some of us get attached to things after staring at them nearly every day for 20 years.

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You can already change app icons. Here are the instructions for macs:  There are similar instructions for Windows users. 

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