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metadata written on IPTC blocks for video files?

Hello, I am attaching here a post I previously written in a thread related to my issue. I have no answer. I am new here, not sure how things works on the forum. I hope my question is more visible now: 

I am an artist and I want to organise my archive files. Basically, I have a bunch of images and video files that I’m tagging with hierarchical keywords in Photomechanic 6 then I am organizing files in folders/subfolders with Hazel 5 

for example:


1.first set: 
artwork > painting > oil on/acrilyc on/ etc... > canvas/wood/etc...

2. I also append a second one 
size >200 > 300

3. I edit Description, and headline fields with the ARTWORK TITLE and SERIES(file is part of...)  

B. Hazel.
reading keywords and fields(description and headline) I do this:
1. rename the file with [DESCRIPTION]_[HEADLINE]_[200]x[300]cm_[oil on][canvas].tif
2. move it to subfolder WORKS > [HEADLINE]WRK > [painting]

Everything go smooth with image files. I had an issue with RAW files, until I selected Add embeded data in both XMP and IPTC data blocks.  Hazel reads the information from Spotlight (Mac OS) witch seems doesn’t read XMP.

So, the issue still remain with video files (mov and mp4 mainly). 

Is there any chance to have the metadata written on IPTC blocks for video files?

As far as I understand browsing the PM forum, now I am not able to do it.

thank you, Sorin

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Sorin, I'm going to convert this into a support ticket so that our team can help you with your issue. Thanks. 

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