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Play Video Files

Displaying a still frame is of little use if the video starts on black.  So 2 things are required.  1) ability to select a frame for display, and 2) ability to playback the video.

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I absolutely agree, video playback nowadays, where photo and video go by the hand, is a must. In fact, Adobe Bridge just released a functionality that would be awesome, video frames are shown  in the thumbnail as you move your mouse over.  

As a first approach if it's complicated to implement natively I'd at least enable a way to quickly play the file in VLC or whatever player you configure.

Carles.  Perhaps Adobe, and many others, are using a better cross platform framework than you are.

You can view, scrub, and playback video files right now. If you're using Windows, you need to install GStreamer.

We're also adding the ability to trim videos and export clips.  

Really? how do you view, scrub and play video files inside PM? Of course I've installed GStreamer following the instructions in the link, the only difference is that now I can see the video thumbnails in the contact sheet, nothing more.  

I'm using Photo Mechanic Plus 6.0 build 5560


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