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Incrementing the Capture Time

I currently prepend the filename with the date, but not the time.  This is because having grouped a date related set of photos I can then manually re-arrange them into some sort of time order and bulk rename them based on the folder name plus a sequence number. However, this does produce longer names and "2015-02-27 Las Lagunas Exhibition Publicity 003" can display as " 003" in the Finder.

But more importantly, if I hand off a bunch of photos to someone else, they may choose to rename them.  They're less likely to change the date tags when they're baked in.  In any case, there are times when I would prefer to not have the date in the filename.

Please could you implement a way to change the capture dates on a selection where the seconds increment by 1 second?  For example...

12:00:00, 12:00:01, 12:00:03, 12:00:04, and so on.

This is particularly important when cataloging scans of old pictures.

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