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Copy Paste GPS Coordinates

Please consider changing the way GPS coordinates are entered, because it's currently not possible to copy paste from Google Maps into one box. For example, allow pasting coordinates like these... 

"36.71204524334398, -4.413930836845956" and "36°42'43.4"N 4°24'50.2"W"

...and into one input box.

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Sorry this got stuck in the moderation queue. It should be visible now. 

I've been pasting GPS coordinates (as copied from Google, separated by a comma) into the Search for location box. This shows the location on the map, which you can then Accept and apply to the photo. I have found that the location shown on the PM map is sometimes slightly off from the location shown in Google Maps, but this can be adjusted by moving the teardrop on the PM map. I tried entering the same numbers into the latitude and longitude boxes to see if this makes a difference and the result does match what Google Maps displays. It could be the level of precision accepted by the Search box. Depending upon the accuracy you a looking for, pasting into the Search for location box may be acceptable. For the sake of consistency, I would second your request.

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