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loupedeck+ support


I have used your solution for years, I love it.  

From a workflow perspective your updates to allow me to set the ratings colors with one click is a HUGE time savings.

My request is this.  I have found this company loupedeck.  They have an aweseom tool loupedeck+ that I have purchased.  Now this is the 2nd generation of their solutions not the Live or the CT.  This one is very focused on photography workflow within Lightroom.  Which is nice.  But it would be great if you guys could push them to add support for Photomechanic 6 with the loupedeck+ solution.  To be honest, this is something you guys could be cross promoting your solutions on each others websites.  

Here is the website:

I know they have to do the work, I have already asked them.  But I was hoping you guys might be interested in working with them to have an "photography mixing board" integrated natively into your solution from all of loupdeck's products. 

As a side note, I was thinking I might be able to do something myself since they have integration with your solution on the two upper end products, but they are not what I am looking for, the loupedeck+ solution is much more inline with the type of tool I want to use.  

Thanks and all the best,

Rob Lawson

I have the Loupedeck+ and love it.  But it is geared to processing images.  Lightroom is, obviously, a RAW converter and image editor.  Loupedeck assists in the image editing process, in primarily the Develop module.  I have never found a use for it in the Lightroom Library module.  Photo Mechanic is not an image processor. I cannot imagine how Loupedeck+ would usefully integrate with PM.  How do you think that Loupedeck integration with PM would help with what PM does, beyond maybe quickly scrolling through images?  It would be interesting to know how you consider that it might work.


We've worked with Loupedeck and have a great relationship, but we're not sure if there's much more we can do within the limits of what our software and their devices do. 

Hi, yes.  It is really about them adding a mapping for Photomechanic 6 to their Loupdeck plus device.  

I was hoping that you guys could ask them about doing this as they have already done for their other solutions, as most all your solutions have keyboard shortcuts that can be mapped to their tool.

Thank you for reply!

Love your product!

Rob Lawson

We've provided mappings for their other products, so if they reached out to us, we'd be happy to do what we can. 

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