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Have Organizer Filter Do a Filter Using “Contains” Instead of “Starts With”

Example for search terms: hummingbird, mocking bird


In Organizer > Search Tab when I type in “keyw bird” it will find them both. This is great. The search is doing a “contains.”


For Image > Structured Keyword Panel, I uncheck exact search, then I search for “bird” it presents a filtered list that list both of them. This is great. The search is doing a “contains.”


In Organizer > Filter Tab, I select IPTC > Keywords and in the find box type “bird”. It only scrolls to words that start with “bird”. This seems inconsistent.


1. There should be a “exact search” that I can uncheck so it will do a “contains” search.


2. The results should be a filtered list like in structured keyword.


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