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many times, a news photographer remembers where he took a photo, but no other details. For this, I find a "geofind" function very useful. You position yourself on a point on the map and the application finds all the photos taken in that place.

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Right now you can see geolocated photos on a map , but you're wanting something more robust to search for photos, correct?

yes, I mean that you position yourself on a portion of the map and only the photos taken in that place are shown in the feed. Thanks

This would be a great feature. I'd like to position myself on the map and have flags shown for all photos in the visible region. The flags should update while zooming in and out. Then, I'd like to be able to select photos from the flags (e.g., drag a selection box around a subset of the flags) and have them appear in a contact sheet.

The function is now available

That's great, Gianmaria. Where do I find this search ("geofind") feature? All I've been able to do is select a photo in a contact sheet and show its location on a map.

Menù - catalog.

Thank you! I knew someone had requested this, but when I searched I couldn't find this thread. It' will be in Photo Mechanic Plus with the next release. 

Ahhh, that's why I can't find it! Anxiously awaiting the next release of PM+.

The feature is in progress

We just released this. Documentation can be found here:

Great thing
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