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Custom Info Fields in Preview

Hello!  It would be nice to be able to customize the fields in the Info pane of the Preview window, such as by adding Keywords, Caption, etc.  Or even to add another field altogether with its own disclosure triangle (i.e. adding Keywords and Caption boxes in addition to the default Info, Crop, Zoom, Histogram, Highlights & Shadows).


You can set the info text with this menu entry: 'Edit' => 'Settings' => 'Set Info Text...'

I had the same question, as the setting is very well hidden and not in the normal 'Preferences' menu.

Regards, Michael

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Thank you!  I was afraid this may have been asked & answered before.  I'm usually pretty good at figuring out programs but I guess this setting eluded me.  I appreciate the heads-up.

I'm glad your question was already answered over the weekend. Here's the knowledge base article that covers it.

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