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Set GPS Coordinates: save & load locations

Dear Camera Bits-team

I often take pictures in places that I have visited several times over the years and will continue to do so in the future. For example airfields, viewpoints, game reserves in Africa, sights, houses of family members or friends, etc. I have almost 100 such places. With the 'Metadata (IPTC) template there is the option to 'Save' and 'Load'. There I saved the 'Event and Location' and 'Location Taken and Shown' for each of my locations and can reload for new pictures = very comfortable. 

Now I would like to do exactly the same for 'Set GPS Coordinates'. There is unfortunately only the option 'Save Snapshots' which is not very comfortable: only 8 locations are visible, for others you have to scroll and scroll and scroll. And I can't group my locations into folders (for example, all airfields into a folder named 'Airports' and all viewpoints into a folder 'Viewpoints'. 

I would be very grateful if this could be adapted, thank you very much!



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I have a further question about GPS: Why is the input of GPS data ("Set GPS Coordinates") a separate process from the information about the photo location ("Event and Location" & "Locations Taken and Shown" in the Metadata (IPTC) template)? Both are about the geographical location of the photo. One describes the location with GPS coordinates, the other with words.

I would like this to be combined into a single process. And that they can be saved and reloaded. As I said, there are many places I visit regularly with the camera. For these places I want to store the GPS data AND data in words together and load them together when I have new pictures.


Just to make sure - is your request to update the Event and Location IPTC fields from the Set GPS Coordinates dialog? 

Hello Marziah,

My workflow is as follows: I open the folder with new images in a contact sheet and mark all images taken in the same place. Then I open "Metadata (IPTC) Template" and with "Load" I get saved "Image Rights" and "Contact Info" in a first step. In a second step, I get saved "Event and Location" and "Locations Taken and Shown" (also via "Load"). Unfortunately you can only describe the place with words (Country/State/City/Location) but I can't enter/save/load the GPS coordinates at this point. For this, another step has to be taken with "Set GPS Coordinates".

I don't understand why this isn't brought together, because it's all about describing the location of the photo. 


I'm going to guess the interface is different because the GPS data integrates with our reverse geocoding server, but we may give future consideration to reworking that whole area to make it more intuitive. 

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