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quick unique structured keyword entry

When using the structured keyword panel with the "exact match" box checked, I can type in a keyword and press enter, resulting in the unique keyword being selected and "loaded". This is a perfect result so far. Pressing enter again produces a beep. It would be most efficient if there were an option for a second press of the enter key to "add path to selected". Currently, I have to move a hand to the mouse and click on the "add path to selected" button. There is an option to double-click the keyword to "add path to selected", but this also requires moving a hand to the mouse from the keyboard.

The most efficient for me would be a procedure minimizing the back and forth between keyboard and mouse. If there were a mechanism to have the "add path to selected" button made a default for a second enter key press, that would work. One possibility would be for a preference option to identify the default button to apply with an enter key press.

To maximize efficiency, after "add path to selected" is effected, the cursor should remain in the keyword entry field with the field cleared of the keyword just added, so that I can type the next keyword. Currently, I am not sure what happens to the cursor after entering a unique keyword.

Keyboard shortcuts would be another way to "add path to selected", put the cursor in the keyword entry field, and clear the keyword entry field (although the delete key would work). I thought the tab key (or shift-Tab) might be used to move the cursor around the structured keyword panel, but the tab key does seem to work very well for this purpose.

Thank you very much for considering this request.

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yes, more (configurable) keyboard support would be awesome!

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