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"Remove All" button in "Set Code Replacements"

I'm often uses up to 8 txt files in the code replacement window. But the next day, I need a complete other set of files.
So it's a lot of stupid work to remove each single file, because it's not possible to select more than one file.
So I kindley ask you to add a "remove all" button to delete the whole list of code replacements or add the possibility to select more than one to remove at once. Or both ;-)
Thanks in advance!

I asked Bob in support, and he suggested using a single text file created from all the smaller text files. We may still consider this request, but I just wanted to let you know there may be a workaround that helps you right now. 

I create the text files for each race day individually from two large Excel sheets (because there are always new bib numbers). So it would be more complicated and time consuming to merge the files than what I would save by deleting them faster. :-D

But thanks in any case that you have tried to find a short-term solution!

As a former programmer, I think it should not be a big effort to create this simple button. But of course, it's not lifesaving ;-)

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