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Mega Zoom needed


I'm professional sports photographer from Germany who follows the Olympic mountain bike races all over the world since 20 years (and I'm using Photo Mechanic since 13 years).

When I add the IPTC data to a photo, I often need to identify the bib numbers. But sometimes they are too small to identify with the standard zoom function.

It helps a little to keep the fullscreen photo in the background (maybe already zoomed in a little) and zoom out the IPTC window so that I can still see the important parts of the photo behind the IPTC window.

But sometimes the bib numbers are not in the center of the photo or very far away, small or dirty or you can only see parts so you want to zoom in more. You can do that by closing the IPTC window, zooming in on the photo in the background, and then returning to the IPTC window. But that breaks the flow and takes a lot of time if you have to do that with hundreds of photos in a short period of time

It would be great if you could include some kind of super zoom (maybe 4x more than the normal zoom, or adjustable) when you SHIFT or CTRL / CMD click on a point in the preview photo in the IPTC window to zoom to that exact position.

This would really be a great help for me!

Thanks a lot in advance!

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