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Export to web

I have just rebuilt my website (using Bootstrap) and am having great difficulty exporting from PMP v6.  I have raised a specific query in that regard in the support forum but this is a request for a more generalised update to the export feature.  If it makes any difference I am using WIndows 10 on a dual monitor set up.

As many people use more than one device to view websites, I made my new site "responsive" to give a better view from smartphones to full-size screens.

I do not appear to be able to achieve the same effect using any of the export templates in PMP.  While I can change the html templates to approximate to my website design they will not work with Bootstrap.  This is especially annoying as I cannot get my navigation menu to appear on PMP generated pages.

I also note that, for the html pages, I cannot use my transparent png logo - I have had to create a "coloured" version as a jpg - will there be support for png?

On other templates, I see that all png files are converted to png.jpg format.  As png seems to be gaining popularity may I as why this has to happen?

I like the "scrolling thumbs" output but can see no way to move forwards or backwards using the keyboard, nor have I been able to append a logo. Viewing the source code shows that it is using FRAMESET - I believe that this was deprecated in html5?  Will this be changed to update to current standards?

Also, Dreamweaver keeps complaining that the html is in capitals when it should be lower case!

Please take the above as objective in the hope of bringing the product to current standards as I do (or did) find this feature of PMP very useful.

Am happy to try any suggestions if that will help.


OK, having to add a reply as I can't see how to edit a post! 

One further improvement would be if the "alt" information could be automatically filled in from one of the variables - such as caption or keywords.  This would be the same for both the thumbnail and the larger image.

At the moment only one appears to be filled in and says something like "image/source/filename" which is unlikely to convey a lot to any screen reading software.


I agree that some of our export formats are a little long in the tooth. We pruned the templates that relied on Flash, but we should probably prune them further and look at accessibility and other factors as well.  Thanks for the feedback and reminder. 

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