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Keep the current Contact Sheet thumbnail image selected

It would be very helpful to keep the currently selected image in the contact sheet active/highlighted when expanding the images shown.


Given a contact sheet filtered to only show a narrow selection of images (by restricting the tagging, start rating or colors)

And I have a specific image selected

When I expand the filter selection to show more images (by showing any tagged values, star rating or colors)

Then my previously selected image should still be highlighted 

And the selected image should be within the visible scroll area (not scrolled out of sight)

I just tested it, and I see what you mean. 

OK - the reason this is happening is that when you expand your filter criteria, you're actually making a new query that is displaying in the same tab. I've put in a request to change this, but I'm not sure how long it will take before it is done. 

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Just to keep you updated, I just tested this feature so it will likely be out with the next release. 

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This feature now works as expected, which is very helpful. Thank you very much!

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