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Hiding images

I want to easily hide certain personal images that I don't want just anyone to see. I am still on the search for an Apple Aperture replacement, and PMP is the closest that I have been able to find. But using it as a DAM for personal content requires me to hide sensitive images. Apple Photos has a global configuration that toggles hiding of images, and with Apple Aperture, I was able to create smart albums that could hide certain (hierarchical) keywords. 

One potential interesting way to implement this in PMP might be to move a selected image to another catalog, but while retaining the same relative directory structure.

If it were me, that's how I'd approach it. Put the sensitive images in a wholly separate catalog so you can turn them off when talking with clients. 

On a side note, we are looking at creating smart collections. I'm not sure it would work for what you're proposing, though. 

Smart collections could work if they could be applied to the catalog globally, and any Search/Filter/Browse would then be based on top of that base smart collection filter.
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