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Work up the watermarks Feature.

I’ve made a couple of requests in the forums and several others have too. I’d like you to look over some of these things and implement a few of them. Personally the rescaling of the text for different orientations is my biggest gripe. The old fashioned shadow look is something that would also benefit from a bit of a tweak. 

I agree that the watermarks look a little dated. We can look at tweaking that feature at some point in the future. 

It’s not so much that they look dated. More that for images of different orientations the outcome is radically different. The style is fine. I use them to make clear to clients that the images they’re looking at are not for publication. Sometime I want this info clear so that they cannot ignore this fact. Other times I don’t want them to distract people from making selections from a suite of images. I can’t achieve either of these goals across a suite of images with the system set up as it is.
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