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Support for the new NIKON RAW-Editor "NX Studio"

Yesterday NIKON launched a new RAW-editor which will replace NIKON Capture NX-D in the future.

As you know NX-D worked with sidecar-files so this was not supported by PM 5 and PM6.

The new NIKON NX Studio works with sidecar-files too BUT the user has the choice to use sidecar-files or like it was the good old way with Capture NX2 to store the editing in the NEF-files!

It would be great if camerabits can have a look at it. I made a brief test today and when I edited a NEF-file of a D850 (without using a sidecar-file) PM6 did not regognize the editing, as I expected.

I would be very pleased to get my complete "old" workflow back, this was perfect for me and I think for others too ;-) if there is a chance to let photomechanic read NEFs which are edited in NX Studio (when sidecar-files are not used and everything is stored in the NEF).

Thank you for tanking the time for this.

Nice greetings


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Let me check on this and get back to you. It may be a few days because of the weekend. 

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OMG, no need to hurry, Marziah. Enjoy your weekend first ;-)

Thank you for your super fast reply. Be sure that I am aware that things like this will need some time to evaluate.


We're still looking into it, but my guess is that we'll find a way to support it if we can. 

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