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Metadata conflicts

I would like to see an option to choose what to do if the metadata in the PM+ catalogue is different to the metadata stored in/with the image file. At the moment PM+ reads the information from the file and overwrites what is in the catalogue, which to my mind risks losing loads of work.

To elaborate more I have a number of archive disks which are all full and backed up (2 copies - one offsite). Once the archive disk is full I don't continue to back it up, so if I make some metadata changes (add some keywords or change ratings for instance) then this information is stored with the local archive drive and in PM+ but not in the archive back ups. 

If  the local archive hard drive fails and I need to replace it with a backup disk then PM+ will read the data from the back up and so any changes I have made will be lost. 

In this scenario I would currently use Lightroom to write the metadata back to the files as I am having to maintain two DAM softwares, as a result of this shortcoming in PM+

Ok, so you are looking at a better way to sync offline media or are you looking at a better way to create archive backups? What behavior would you like to see? I want to make sure I understand the request. 

I would like to see PM+ ask me what to do if the metadata in the catalogue doesn't match the metadata in the files. 

If my archive hard drive fails and I have to use a back up hard drive which contains all the same images but with out of date metadata, I can point PM+ to it but currently it reads the information FROM the files and overwrites the catalogue and I want an option to write the metadata from the catalogue TO the files. Does that make sense?

Just to elaborate further. If PM+ looks at a folder of images that it thinks are 4 star but the images say they are 3 star I want the option to decide whether the catalogue or the images are right.

Ok. That makes sense. I'm going to classify this as something we may look at in the future, but because we're looking at ways to sync offline media, it may be something we look at as part of that. 

I hope it is, as the current behaviour is more like an offline browser than a catalog.

Thanks for listening!


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