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Increase Zoom range for Contact Sheet view

I would like to be able to zoom quite a bit more on the Contact Sheet than what is allowed now, I believe it would help me in culling photos.

Larger than 800%? 

I assume yes, I don't see a field noting what the zoom level is. I use a 55 inch 4k TV as a monitor and when all the way zoomed in there is a grid of 6 x 3.5 photos visible. I would like the zoom control to allow continuing to zoom in until the grid is roughly 3x2 or perhaps 2x2 full pics with a bit of partial pics on the right & bottom edges.

To zoom in all the way to 800%, you need to be using the Preview window

I had used the preview window quite a bit for inspecting individual pics but hadn't tried the side by side mode. It takes care of a lot of what I was looking for but I would like to have the magnifying glass tool available in this view like it is on the Contact sheet. Is it there & I just don't see it? Zooming in with Lock Scrolling set is a good alternative but is clumsy for taking a quick peek at a given spot. Alternatively, is there a way to have it zoom centered on the position of the mouse when Z is pressed?

Z zooms on the center of the image, but you can use the modifier key and arrows to pan around. 

Thank you for the responses, much appreciated!

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