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Support digital crop in Leica Q2/Q2M

The Leica Q/Q2/Q2M have a handy digital crop feature which shows "framelines" for 35, 50, and 75mm equivalents. When shooting JPG, the JPG is cropped from the native 28mm to the selected crop. When shooting RAW, Lightroom will automatically respect the selected crop and display the image cropped by default.

I would love for Photo Mechanic to indicate this crop, if possible. It's probably embedded in some special exif field.


Could you send us some sample files so we could do a little research? 

I put a few samples into a zip file and shared via Dropbox. Nothing secret in there so I'll share the link here if that's OK.

Be aware that the Q2 MONO files are around 85MB each. See the README.txt file in the archive for details. Let me know if there's anything else I can provide.

I don't imagine this is a common request, so I appreciate you having a look!

Thanks so much. I'll pass this on to the developers. 

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