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Focus Peaking - Contrast edges & Fine detail

I take a lot of handheld Macro shots of insects, this has an extremely high rejection rate, Photo Mechanic is incredibly useful for culling these, it would be immensely helpful to be able to see the zone of focus.


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We've had this request a few times, but it's unfortunately it's not something we'd be able to deliver soon.  

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Thanks, I hope Focus Peaking - Contrast edges & Fine detail does get on the list, as I find it more useful than I thought I would untill I first tried it.  Obviously, from my examples I have already software that does this, I will just have to keep FastRawViewer in my workflow as a workaround to do this task until you are able to deliver Focus Peaking - Contrast edges & Fine detail.

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I've been trying to add a FastRawViewer step to my workflow recently too, @Richard! It would be amaaaazing if PM could add it, though because being able to quickly check focus directly within PM would save me a LOT of time and honestly I'm so used to PM and I love it, so going back and forth with another program isn't super ideal.

I shoot primarily portraits & fashion, usually with a pretty wide aperture. My reject rate isn't as high as macro photography but it's still super important that everything I deliver is sharp, and the zoom function is great but much, much slower.

@Marziah if it ends up getting into your roadmap, even for a release date a while from now, I'd be so so thrilled! A lot of the other portrait photographers I know struggle with this too and it would save us all a lot of time. Thank you so much for considering it!

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Hi @Paige, I added the request to the Photo Mechanic User Group on the Facebook group as well, 


I would have thought Focus Peaking & edges were crucial to sport & motorsport as well, it's part of  the culling workflow. Possibly, I should have added culling to the title of this Feature Request.

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