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GPS removal

Dear Sir / Madam,

Can you add an option to remove GPS data in File / Save Photos As ...?
If I send examples / thumbnails of my photos to a customer, I would like that he / she can't see the location were I was when I took the photos.
Now I have to remove the GPS data in Preview on my iMac photo by photo which can be very time consuming.
Thank you in advance for your attention.

Sincerely Yours,

Hans van der Meulen

The Netherlands

Is anyone else running into this problem? Please let me know in this thread, either by voting for the idea or leaving a comment. Thanks! 

The solution, unless I have misunderstood, is to create a Metadata (IPTC) Template snapshot which has every field blank and unchecked, except that the GPS fields you want to clear are blank but checked.  Apply this template whenever you need it, and the blanks will overwrite the GPS data without affecting anything else.


Hi Graham, I am not sure you are accomplishing what you mean to, or at least not what Hans is looking for.  It sounds like you are referring to location data, which can be changed using the metadata Template. This is different from GPS data, which is the actual GPS coordinates, and those cannot be edited with the Metadata Templates. Updating the location fields to be blank does not modify the GPS data on the images. The best workaround at the moment is to set your GPS coordinates on the images you'd like to hide the GPS data of to 0;0 (

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