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Number of files in a folder variable

Feature request for a variable that displays the number of images in a folder or number of images copied. The reasoning behind this is when we upload to Box the receiver of the images doesn’t have to guess if all images are actually uploaded and can see the total number in the folder name but I wanted to do it on 50+ folders. So I select the parent folder and open all folders in one contact sheet, select all, Copy/Move Photos (copy jpgs only) > Copy to this folder + {folder}_{number of files in folder/number of images in folder/number of images copied in folder}. Puts out folders with the total number of files in it at the end of the folder name. Ex. FolderName_562

There's already {total} - the total number of images being processed. Maybe that would get you what you're looking for?

Its a good hold over if I copy out of each folder individually. I want to copy from several folders all at the same time to save time it. Unfortunately PM puts the total number of images processed from all the folders combined instead of individually. 

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