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Dual screen support

I would like to have PM use both of my monitors. On one monitor I would show the full image and on the other the same image at 100%.  That would allow me review images much more quickly and make sure I check all the critical images for sharpness

Yes, this works in Windows 10.  Just drag the window you want to the second monitor.  It is easier to drag a window between monitors if it is not maximised to full screen as you drag it - maximise it once it is on whichever screen you want.  


You should be able to have the contact sheet in one monitor and the preview window in another. 

I am curious about your setup. I could envision it with 3 monitors: 1. For the contact sheet 2. For the Preview Window set to fit the full image 3. For another Preview Window instance set to 100% zoom of the image I guess that could be an I retesting setup, where we could explicitly create an additional new instance of the Preview Window, and have it bound to the same Contact Sheet image as the other Preview Window too.
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