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Send Photos via email offline

Hi Camerabits,

sometimes I want to send photos quickly just for info.

It would be helpful to be able to send photos offline via email. 

The proxy size of the thumbnails with 1600 px in largest dimension is sufficient for most cases. Only if I need the full resolution or make further changes I would need to have the images online. 

Otherwise it would be nice to be able to send pictures offline quickly via email without having the whole archive online.

Best regards


Ok, let me make sure I understand the request.  You'd like the ability to email the indexed preview of cataloged images even when the media is not connected to your computer? 

Exactly, that's right, that is what i mean.

I often send photos of a catalog via email where the indexed preview would be sufficient.

I like this idea. Currently our priorities are around catalog stability so it may be a long wait before we're able to address it. 

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