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Serial number variable

Hello , Curently the serial number variable which allows to rename images with (part of) their serial number is not supported for all cameras/file types, including Panasonic GH series video files and Pentax/Ricoh cameras . 

Would be nice to have this feature enabled across the board so that when using two or more of the same camera models on set, their files  can be uniquely identified/renamed 

Best Pierre 

I hear you. I have a couple of cameras (Sony) that don't populate that serial number field, but at least they are different models. My understanding is that this is an issue with the camera not storing the serial number in the EXIF data or not storing it in the proper location.  

Hi Marziah, thank for your reaction . I understand it is probably sometimes less easy to retrieve the serial number for some camera makers, but when using multiple   cameras on assignment, the serial number is the easiest/best  way to create unique image names automatically. Hope Camera Bits will find the resources to support more cameras . Best Pierre 

I can't speak to your specific files, but it's not a matter of finding resources if the camera company isn't adding the serial number to the EXIF. If you check out our support forums, there are quite a few users who run into the serial number issue. Some have workarounds. 

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