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Search similar to SQL: HAVING COUNT(*) > 1

I keep finding myself having to constantly do one of searches to see a group of similar images (eg. `(CaptureTime 2012-3) and FileName 1234`). Having to do this in one-off searches is quite tedious and time consuming, and I keep longing for SQL where I could write a `GROUP BY` query with a `HAVING COUNT (*) > 1` to find all the items that have a given filter criteria with multiple occurrences.

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I'm curious how popular this request is. Does anyone else want to directly write SQL queries into the search box?

Having a SQL based search functionality would truly be awesome for geeks like me, but I guess it's not a skill most photographers have. Although some basic SELECT and WHERE shouldn't be that hard to learn, and it is a very well defined standard that offers tons of learning resources. And the text and date functions that are part of SQL would be a very powerful and welcomed bonus feature too.

But my original ask above was just hoping for some kind of expansion of the current search functionality.

All I am trying to do is to find duplicate images based on parts of the file name (excluding a potential prefix and the file type extension), and then only see the groups of images that have multiple of the same file name pattern & extensions.

I see where you're going with that. We are looking into ways to make it easier to detect duplicates. 

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Thumbs up for SQL Query support! 

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