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PM6+ Browse tab needs a scroll bar

Filter has a scroll bar.  Browse does not.  Expand some of the categories in Browse and the information quickly disappears off the bottom of the screen.  For example, expanding Metadata ¦ Keywords only shows a few keywords before the vast majority are obscured off the bottom of the screen.  On my laptop, with all other categories collapsed, I can only see 15 keywords.  I know that I can see them via Filter, but if the Browse information can extend beyond the height of the screen, it should be viewable by scrolling it.

Edit: it actually works fine on my desktop computer.  My laptop has a high res screen.  The scroll bar had disappeared because the Organizer Panel was set too narrow so that the scroll bar did not appear.  It is strange, however, that the Filter scroll bar is on the left of the panel and so always visible, but the Browse scroll bar is on the right of the panel and can be accidentally hidden.  Should they not both be the same (preferably on the left, as for Filter)?

They're both on the same side on mine. Which OS are you using, and which build?

Windows 10 build 19042.  The attached screengrabs show how the locations differ in Filter and Browse.  My preference would be to keep them on the left so that they do not disappear if the panel is too narrow (as happened on my hi-res screen laptop).


I double-checked, and the scrollbars are on the right for me in Windows build 5560, which was released last month. I know we've had some other UI fixes as well. I'm going to mark this request as implemented.

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