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Include / exclude images in subfolders in Filter or Browse views and counts

My request is for an option to toggle Filter and Browse views (and counts) of folders to include/exclude images in sub-folders.

Presently if you drill down to a folder path in Filter or Browse, you are presented with a combined view of all the images in that folder and any sub-folders it may have.  The image count similarly reflects the total number of images in the selected folder and its sub-folders (to whatever depth below happens to exist).  You cannot view only the images that are in the selected folder itself, or see how many images there are in that folder, excluding those in its subfolders.

It is often useful to be able to see only the images in the selected folder, and to see the count of the number of images in that folder, without including sub-folders.  Lightroom's Library includes an option to "Show Photos in subfolders".  My default in Lightroom is not to show photos in subfolders: seeing/counting all the images in a folder and all its subfolders without distinction is rarely relevant to what I do.  I would prefer the option to have a folder by folder contact sheet excluding subfolders, with the corresponding image count excluding numbers of images in subfolders.


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