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Unlock Zoom setting in 2 up view

 I love the locked scrolling feature in the 2 up mode in the Preview window.

I wonder if, at the cost of added complexity, if it's possible to have an unlock on the zoom function in the 2 up mode.

That way if you were pixel peeping between two identical images, say one enlarged with the new Adobe Super Resolution Feature, or two different cameras with different mega pixels and trying to get an idea of if there was any significant gain in detail, or change in noise in the final product, one could compare apples to apples in terms of the content of the image.

So one of the images would be at a different zoom ratio than the other.

Also I still find the ability to match file names with which photo is which in 2 up mode confusing.

Does this make sense?



Ithaca NY

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Let's see if there's a lot of interest in this feature. Upvote or comment if you'd like to see this. 

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