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Show highlight AND shadow clipping simultaneously

I would like to display blown highlights and lost shadow detail at the same time in the Preview window, rather than having to toggle between them for each photo. A fourth radio button (Show both) or checkboxes for show highlights and show shadows in the Highlights & Shadows pane of the preview window would be great.

There is an August 2019 post in the old feature request forum where Kirk says that drawing routines in MacOs and Windows only allow masking in one color. I'm wondering if this has changed since there are numerous applications that show both highlight and shadow clipping simultaneously (to name a few: FastRawViewer, Affinity Photo, ON1 Photo RAW, DxO Photo Lab). Or perhaps these applications display images in a fundamentally different way than PM/PMP and it's still not possible.

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I'll check. 

Nothing has changed. The other apps are likely using some other method to display the images. Sorry. 

Thanks for checking. It's unfortunate Camera Bits won't change how it displays previews in order to accomplish this as toggling between highlights and shadows for every photo certainly slows down the culling process.

I realize you have already marked this as "Will not implement," but I hope you'll consider the following.

As a travel photographer who shoots throughout the day, the lighting changes constantly and drastically for me … shooting inside, then outside, in shade, in direct sun, etc. When it comes time to cull, I'll have a sequence of shots where blown highlights are more of a concern followed by a sequence where lost shadows are a potential issue. With the current PM/PM+ setup, I have to consciously think "hmmm, I should switch to shadows to see if they are an issue" while making my selects. Sometimes I forget because there are a lot of variables I'm keeping my eyes on. A visual indicator of a potential issue (the red or blue masks) is nice because it catches the users' eyes and suggests they may want to look more closely at the highlights/shadows.

Since your implementation of previews doesn't allow multiple colors, how about an option that marks blown highlights AND lost shadows with a SINGLE color (such as magenta)? This would provide the user with a visual cue of potential issues while quickly flipping through photos. If the user needs to know if the magenta is suggesting an issue with highlights or with shadows, then they could switch to show just one or the other … in actuality, it usually is not too difficult to tell from the context which marks are for highlights (the magenta surrounded by brighter areas of the photo) and which are for shadows (magenta surrounded by darker areas). I would be happier with a single color option than no option at all.

However, I think there is a more sophisticated solution that would work within your limitations. Based on my photos, it seems that a lot of times, if there is an issue, it's with EITHER the highlights OR the shadows, not both. But with my style of shooting, which one is not consistent from photo to photo. So, you could use a 3 color system for a new "Show Both" mode … show the mask in red if there are ONLY blown highlights (it's like the user is essentially in the show blown highlights mode), in blue if there are ONLY lost shadows (essentially in show lost shadows mode), and in magenta if there are BOTH blown highlights and lost shadows.

Just suggesting this idea of using a single color to show both blown highlights and lost shadows since the response seems to be "Will not implement because we can't show two colors" without any indication if you've considered using a single color in order to show both. Thanks for considering it!

That makes sense. We may consider it. 

I would love to have this feature, out of similar reasons that Brad was pointing out.

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