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Copy GPS coordinates from one photo to another

I'd like to see a streamlined way to copy GPS coordinates from one photo to another within Photo Mechanic. It seems relatively straightforward to copy location/city/state/country info using the Metadata Template, but not the actual coordinates.

My current process is to select all the photos that need the coordinates plus the photo with the coordinates, open the Set GPS Coordinates window, advance through the thumbnails until I find the one with the desired coordinates, then use Apply to All. It's a little clunky, especially with large sets of photos. Am I missing an easier method?

One handy location for copying the coordinates would be from the contextual menu in the Contact Sheet (at the bottom along with Set GPS Coordinates and Show Map options … a new Copy GPS Coordinates option). If this placed the coordinates in the clipboard in a format PM liked, then I could paste the coordinates (and reverse geocode, if desired) to other photos using the Set GPS Coordinates window (From Clipboard button and Apply to All button).

In Photo Mechanic Plus, because you can select a photo and view Catalog: Map Location Search to see the exact decimal coordinates, but I agree the ability to copy the coordinates would be useful. Let me do some research. 


Bob suggested using this method: Select all of the images for the update, including the one with the coordinates.  Now use the Apply to remaining button at the bottom of the Set GPS Coordinates utility.

Thanks for the reply. When I select a geotagged photo and then choose Catalog > Map Location Search, I see the location pinned on the map, but I don't see the decimal coordinates anywhere. If I click on the green accept button or the Get GPS button, nothing seems to happen either. I can set the search radius and click the Search button, but I don't see the coordinates anywhere in the window. I'm on a Mac running Photo Mechanic Plus Version 6.0, build 5820 (a6fdfbc). 

It sounds like Bob's suggestion is what I described in my second paragraph. It works, it's just cumbersome to have to flip through the photos to get to the one that is geotagged (e.g. when it's not the first photo in the set). That's why I think it would be helpful if I could easily copy the coordinates from the contact sheet and then use the existing Set GPS Coordinates dialog (with the From Clipboard feature) to apply those coordinates to any selection I desired, or even to multiple selections (e.g., if I returned to the same location on subsequent travel days).

Copy GPS Coordinates from one photo and pasting it to many is really a must.

Would love to see this feature soon :)

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This would be very useful.  The Canon 5D IV and 1DX II had built in GPS, which was incredibly useful.  The R5, however, does not - a real retrograde step in my opinion.  The only way to add GPS is via a smartphone app and Bluetooth - dependent on having a smartphone with you, remembering to set the app, and it actually working.  The connection often drops out and you end up with photos showing the last GPS location that worked, which could be hugely wrong.  The R5 is a great camera in most other respects, but I now find that GPS management is becoming something I have to do all the time, which was not an issue with previous generation cameras.

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