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Some ideas/request for  Metadata (IPTC) info. File is attached.

1. Enable making "sound" and "IPTC encoding" invisible and the photo could be a lot bigger and zoom would be less needed. Or they could be moved further down, next to each other. 

2. Enable cropping, if possible, in the same window. I suggested more advanced cropping ways in another post but here it could be as it is now. I dont know if it is possible but it could speed up the process: crop, caption, FTP.

Some ideas/requests for IPTC Template

1. A way to toggle between IPTC templates I have saved under the ligthing button or other kind of keywords (option 1 being choosing template number one). The same would be nice for FTP upload when different formulars are saved. I use Mac Automator and it has problems when it has to open a window and push it compared to using keywords. So anything which can assist in this regard is appreciated. 

Thanks for all what you have done! Can hardly get quicker now.....mostly is my own fault...



So you'd like to see the Preview and Metadata (IPTC) Info dialog collapsed together?

Yes. For me that would make it even quicker. Thanks.

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