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Single click catalogue selection toggle

Presently selecting both Search and Add/modify a catalogue requires ticking two check boxes (and likewise to unselect).

Pending being able to select inclusion/exclusion of sub-folders, I have set up a number of separate catalogues with the depths of sub-folders I need to be able to look at, which means that I am getting to have quite a number of small catalogues, many of which I can update at the same time if they are active.  But selecting/unselecting involves a lot of clicks at two per catalogue.

My request is for a third check box for each catalogue, which selects or deselects both the Search and Add/Modify check boxes together - just called "Both" maybe.


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Sorry, forgot to add a request for an option to select all or none at the same time.  In other words, a toggle All/None button at the head of the "Both" column, allowing you to (for example) deselect all catalogues in one click, then add back just the small number you want to have active, to save having to do this for each catalogue separately.


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