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Support Huawei (and other smartphone) DNGs

So far, the DNG raw files of my Huawei P30 Pro are not supported by PM. I cannot even see a preview. This is a feature Adobe Bridge has already implemented.

I would be very glad if you would support DNG raw files of all popular smart phones, as phones get used more and more also for serious photography.

Do you have DNG Converter installed, and can you see other types of DNG files? 

Ups, did I overlook a feature there? I will try it out and post the result. Thank you for the suggestion!

Here's a support article that might help:

Dear Marziah Karch, I tried it out and it worked! So thank you very much for your quick help.

Would it not be nice for PM to be able to render the images with its own built-in renderer (greyed out in my case)? I imagine it would be so much faster (now, I have to wait for some time for the pictures to render).

That should include all changes made to PSDs and RAW files by Lightroom/Photoshop and also the ability to render PDF files as a preview. This is what Adobe Bridge is offering, and it would be so nice to have the full usability and comfort in PM as well. In Adobe Bridge, common file extensions such as .txt and .docx are also directly wired to the correct programs (WordPad/TextEdit, Microsoft Word, etc.). In PM, these connections have to be made by hand.

I am asking because as an art historian, I quite frequently have mixed directories, where files of all types are mixed (for instance, information about photos is often stored in a .txt file in art historian related databases).

Thank you so much for your help and for your openness for suggestions!

I am so sorry, I seem to be posting only outdated things here. Of course, *.txt and *.docx can be opened without problems by PM using the "Edt with..." function.

It would however still be nice if PM would also present a preview in these cases, especially for PDFs.

Unfortunately, DNG is Adobe's proprietary format, so we need to use Adobe's renderer. As far as support for proxies and previews on other file formats, that may be something we look at in the future. Photo Mechanic started as a tool for photographers, so the priority has always been photo formats that come from cameras. But with Photo Mechanic Plus, we may look at ways to expand its DAM capabilities with future versions. 

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