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Week number variable

Would it be possible to do a weak number variable Monday through to Sunday?

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I'm going to refer you to Bob in support to see if he can figure out a solution for you. 

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I was thinking in terms of numbering the weeks 1 to 52, I suspect it isn't workable, i'm thinking aloud and probably ought to have thought this through better prior to posting.

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Sorry that should read week.

Do you mean counting weeks or days of the week or something else? 

You could probably create a number value for each week with either hot codes or a combination of code replacements and variables. Did you have a specific workflow in mind? I could convert this request to a ticket and have one of our support staff walk you through setting it up. 

I'm thinking in terms of when I'm covering an event usually almost always Friday through until Sunday I want to use information that is in the original metadata, rather than relying on for example inputing event information, so I'm looking at something broader than the individual day hence my suggestion week,which I've worked out probably isn't workable, using the month variable could almost work but it falls down when the relevant period falls into two different months i.e. the end or beginning of the month.

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