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Delete a keyword from multiple images?

Probably I'll kick myself when I find out, but how do I remove a keyword from multiple images?  I added CAT to a whole folder of images but half of them are of DOG.  What do I do?

This is another great use case for why having an "undo" feature would be amazing, as it would allow us to take advantage of one of the best things that computers can give us, which is the ability to undo things and not have to live with our mistakes.

Removing keywords is not obvious, as it's not symmetrical to adding them.

If DOG is the only keyword you want on your images, you could use the Menu: Image: Keywords Panel..., and change the dropdown from "When applying, append keywords" to "When applying, replace keywords".

Otherwise you can select all the wrong images and then use the Menu: Edit: Find and Replace... and then select the checkbox for "Keywords:" in the "When searching Metadata, look through the following fields:". You can then add "CAT" to the "Find:", and "DOG" to the "Replace:" text boxes and "Replace" it.

Awesome - thanks for your comprehensive reply!!

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