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CF Express Type A Auto Ingest

CF Express Type A Auto Ingest

I have been using the Sony A1 for a few jobs, both pre-prod and prod models with two different types of card readers. The Sony version and Pro Grade Digital reader. Neither reader / card combo will auto ingest the CF Express card. Whats interesting is that the Pro Grade Digital is a dual slot... SD and CF Express Type A, the reader will auto ingest the SD card. No if I pull up the ingest screen it will show the card after I rescan and the ingest works fine. Any ideas?

Which OS are you using?

Update. I asked our team, and it looks like this may be one of two possible things.  ProGrade Digital made the choice to tell Windows that the card slot was not removable for the sake of better performance. There are other companies that likely do this as well, so that may also be the case with your Sony reader. On top of that, apparently macOS treats CF Express cards differently - as if they are not an ejectable disc. The fact that you can get one type of card to open the ingest dialog and the other won't on the very same reader tends to point to this being something out of our control.

Unfortunately, if the OS isn't telling us it's a removable card, there's no way for Photo Mechanic to know a card has been inserted - no alert gets passed to us. That means you're stuck with the method you've been using - pull up the ingest menu after inserting a card. 


Maybe someone reading this has had a different experience and can offer some advice, but for now I'm marking this as something we can't fix. 

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