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Keyboard shortcut to increment/decrement star rating or color class

Is it possible to create a keyboard shortcut that would increment the star rating by one and another that would decrement by one? The same question would apply to color classes.

I am customizing my new TourBox NEO to improve my workflow speed, and currently I can only map a button combination to a specific star rating or color class. Currently I have one button set to assign a 1 star rating and a separate one set to assign the "winner" color class (I use my color classes where a higher number indicates a higher rating). In order to be able to rate the photo 2 stars or the "2" color class, I would have to map those keyboard shortcuts to two other buttons, 3 stars and "3" color class would need two more buttons, etc. Not only does this get confusing quickly, I would also use a significant portion of possible button combinations I might otherwise use for other tasks. 

For example, ⌘⬆ and ⌘⬇ could increment/decrement star rating, and ⌥⌘⬆ and ⌥⌘⬇ could increment/decrement color class (maybe the direction of color class increment could be set in prefs: 1 → 8 or 8 → 1).

Thanks for your consideration!

Interesting idea. Let's see if others have the same request. 

Is this when I start a campaign by contacting everyone on the forums and convincing them to suggest the same thing so I can get my request implemented? 


Rather than suggesting the same thing, it would help if they upvoted this suggestion and/or left a comment. ;-)  There have been several suggestions on how to handle color class vs star ratings. In the case of things with keyboard shortcuts, we also have so many of them already that it becomes hard find keys we can even use. Eventually we probably will allow more customizable keyboard shortcuts - but we're still a ways off from making that a reality.

I don't know if Tourbox has reached out to us, but I do know we've worked with similar companies in the past to make sure their hardware is as compatible with our software as possible. I hope that helps. 

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