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Folder IPTC Template

I'd like to automatically store the Ingest Window settings, including the local IPTC Metadata settings, the renaming settings and the auto-increment image counter on a folder base, when a folder is created by PM.

When PM detects files added or ingested into this folder, the stored settings would be applied to the new pictures automatically. PM could watch folders, that are opened in a contact sheet and live-update new images when detected, as well as apply these presets to images detected when folders that contain a template are opened.

This way, I can create all metadata needed for more complex scenarios (e.g. music festivals with different stages on multiple days with multiple artists), and apply it when needed without needing to do something manually.

A second benefit would be, that adding pictures to a folder, after different pictures have been processed, wouldn't require to re-enter or copy the IPTC Template, because all data would be just pulled from this template.

This could be achieved quite simply by a hidden file, containing structured information, that PM looks for when a folder is opened.

How would this be different from creating snapshots?

It would be kinda snapshots, but with the folder part added.

Usecase for me would be folders that I add pictures to frequently. Storing snapshots for each of these folders would get me a list of some hundred snapshots and just clutter everything up.

Adding folders is frequently enough that some kind of storing would be useful though.

The folder-specific snapshots that are used automatically would help me to have consistent metadata, without always needing to copy the metadata from some other picture and hopefully replacing all values with their correct attributes, and without having hundreds of snapshots in the list.

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