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IPTC-Templates depending on each other

I would be able to create IPTC templates, that are based on other templates.

For example, One could create a Template that contains information about the photographer and pre-sets some keywords, set's some copyright-information and so on.

Then, one could create a Template that adds everything necessary for sports-photography and is based on the first template. It would for example add some more keywords and pre-fill a part of the caption, that will hold some information about the sports event.

Another Template would then extend this Template for soccer games, further adding keywords and extend the caption with the team names and so on.

To throw some variation in, another template, also dependent on the sports template, would be tailored towards athletic competitions.

The new thing I'd like to see would be, that everything changed in the first template would make it's way down the chain. Every time the Soccer Template would be applied, it would open the current version of the sports template, which in turn would open it's own dependency, the base template, until no further dependencies are requested. The templates would then be applied in reverse order, so first everything defined in the base template, then anything in the sports template, possibly overriding or extending things from the base template, then the soccer template.

Because this would get quite complex, a separate tool for template creation would be useful for this, which adds templates marked with an pre-set checkbox to the IPTC Pad Snapshots. This way, Templates that would not be used directly, but only as an dependency would be hidden.

Other than the dependencies thing, you should already be able to do this using snapshots

Yeah, but the dependencies thing is what's the most interesting for me. The reason is that I need to make adjustments to my presets from time to time. Because of how the snapshots currently work I need to make these adjustment to over 25 IPTC Template Snapshots and to multiple Ingest Snapshots, because these Snapshots don't store which IPTC Template Snapshot ist used, but how the IPTC Template is "currently" looking.

The dependencies would enable me to make these adjustments only once, and then have them iterate to each template that they apply to.

Think of a sports photographer who covers soccer, football and horse races, and needs to have different metadata for e.g. pre-game shots, game shots, half-time shots, photos showing fans, press conferences, and so on. A simple misspelled word in the first created snapshot, that is contained in all following ones, may cost him 30 minutes to correct, because multiple snapshots have to be corrected.

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