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User Interface

User Interface

I think you are all so immersed in the details of the outstanding cataloging function of PM6+ that you have forgotten to give sufficient attention to the user interfaces in some places.

#1. For example (& I have written a suggestion about this before), PLEASE put something like “Open Catalog(s)” in the Catalog menu, as there are times that I have done something with a window and the icon at the top is not visible.  In fact, when a user (not the cataloger) first opens PM6+, there is no way without reading the instructions to know what to do to just open & look at a catalog.

#2 Meaning of “Sync Catalog” Nowhere can I find any description that indicates that means UPDATE catalog to the changes I have just made in the files that have been catalogued!! (Does not indicate that even in the on-line manual)  “Sync” has an ambiguous meaning, usually indicating harmonizing 2 versions of a document (as in syncing contacts between an apple phone and Apple contacts application on the computer),  So I never imagined that item in the Catalog menu would “update” the catalog after I had added a number of images and made other changes in the catalogued data!! However, after all my research never came up with how to “update a catalog” I gave “Sync Catalog” a try and was pleasantly surprised with how quickly a “full” sync worked!  Excellent execution but  Please us the word “update” somewhere--at least in the on-line manual--or describe there what you mean by “sync”

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